Making Relationships

I recently went on a filming trip to Nigeria in May of 2012. This was my second time to film for a Christian ministry in this, the most populous African country. The ministry (I’ll keep it unnamed) that I went to capture their work for is reaching out to Muslims, and they are doing so in the volatile northern Nigeria where there have been beatings and murders of Christians, and the most reported in the media – church bombings. Most people, especially here in the US, wouldn’t think that reaching out to Muslims in this region of the world would be too productive. But’s it’s working.

The approach is a novel idea… making relationships. True relationships! Who would have thunk it, huh? To get a hearing with a follower of Islam, you need to get to know someone, be their friend, be there for them, and actually love them.

I got to film interviews with Nigerian Muslims who actually became really close friends with people who were Christ followers. I was humbled, and reminded, that what it means to be like Jesus is to just be a true friend.