Fundraising, Marketing, Recruiting

Would you like to motivate people to get involved?
Then how do we move these people to action?
I believe it’s by touching their heart.
How do we do that?

Through emotional storytelling. This allows viewers to see for themselves real stories of hope! This is far more powerful than being told what to believe by a narrator. And let’s face it, facts and figures don’t move people. Storytelling can quickly and effectively help someone enter into the world of another. That’s why feature films and Hollywood are such big business. Movies communicate stories of hurt, healing, and hope and help us “connect.” In making your video, I use what I call “reality-based, interview-driven” storytelling. What is that you ask?

This is the process of interviewing real people, sharing real stories, about real situations. This allows viewers to see for themselves what is really happening. This method of communication is less about “talking down” to your audience and more about sharing straight across the real stories of those people being ministered to. This is much more than a music video or a “flash & trash” video with special effects and no substance.

I strive to combine “the heart of the story” with the needed informational elements of your mission, in a “reality-based” heart-felt story. Does it work? Absolutely!